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Shower head stuck?
We know this may be one of the hardest parts of the install. Especially if your shower is old, it may be really stuck on there. You may try removing the rubber pad and trying the pliers alone. Just be aware, the pliers alone can slightly damage the shower nut. There is usually 2 flats on the shower nut, clutch these flats for a better grip.


Still stuck?
Your shower head could be stuck due to a rust or calcium buildup. Look for a white ring (calcium) or a reddish brown ring (rust) between the shower nut and shower arm. You can use a remover, like CLR, to break down the buildup. Follow the direction on their bottle to treat the area. For extreme cases of rust, you can also try a penetrating oil like WD-40. Once you get the shower head off, be sure to clean the threads of the shower arm with a wire or stiff brush.


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