Why we don't chrome plate our showers.

Have you heard of chrome-plating?

Why do showers and faucets all look the same, and how do they get that shine?  Most showers you see in stores are made from plastic, then covered in chrome. We skip this step to remove the chrome-plating from our showers.

What is chrome-plating?

Chrome plating is a technique of electroplating a thin layer of chromium onto a metal object. Chromium compounds used in electroplating are toxic.  In most countries, their disposal is tightly regulated. Some fume suppressants used to control the emission of airborne chromium from plating baths are also toxic, making disposal even more difficult.

LA Times - Toxic chrome plating ban


Why we ditched the chrome

  1. Finished chrome products are not harmful, but the process of adding this chrome layer has a serious impact on the environment. 

  2. Chrome plating is often added over ABS plastic for a sparkly shine. ABS plastic is durable and resistant and does not benefit from being coated in chrome.

  3. The process of chrome plating can expose workers to the toxic air pollutants emitted during the process, which if inhaled by the workers, poses serious health risks.

By avoiding the chrome-plating process, we eliminate the use of toxic chemicals, making it safer for workers and for the environment. 

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