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Shower Filter Cartridge

Say goodbye to heavy metals, chlorine and large sediments! Our new two-tier filtration cartridge makes crystal-clear, refreshing water your daily reality.

Two-stage filtration cartridge featuring KDF Media and PP Cotton Filter

Compatible with sproos! shower filter

Replace every 90 days

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If you don't absolutely, positively love your new sproos! shower, that's perfectly okay! You have 60 days to try it out and return it if you don't love it. That's two months! Math!

Shower Filter Cartridge


Say Goodbye to Chlorine! 👋

Let’s face it: our water is not pure. Chlorine is added to disinfect water from bacteria. Which is great news for your health but damaging your skin and hair.

Our eco-conscious filtration system makes crystal-clear, refreshing water your daily reality - here is how:

A blend of high-purity copper and zinc (KDF) effectively zaps chlorine and other nasties, leaving your water clean and skin-friendly.

Say Hello to Pure Water! 👋

Handy dandy set up 🥳

In true sproos! style, our filters are ready to roll in minutes. Easily replace the filter cartridge every 90 days. No elbow grease necessary!


How do sproos! filters work?

Our filter utilizes a dual-compartment system, incorporating a cotton pad to eliminate larger particles and a compartment with KDF media to remove chlorine. It has undergone testing by a third-party agency and is proven to remove 85% of chlorine throughout its lifespan. The industry standard for chlorine removal is 50%, so we are up there with the best!

What makes sproos! filters easy to maintain?

Our design makes filter replacement effortless. Unlike fixed shower heads, our easily accessible cartridge can be swapped out in minutes - no tools needed!

How often should I change the filter?

For optimal performance, change the filter every 3 months. It’s a quick 2-minute process.

How does the subscription work?

Subscribe for $33 per filter, delivered every 90 days. Enjoy continuous clean water and save $3 per renewal. Manage or cancel anytime through your account.

We will bill your credit card at the start of each billing cycle. Prior to this, we will send an email reminder, allowing you the opportunity to cancel your subscription if desired. You have the flexibility to pause, skip, or modify your subscription at any time through your account.


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