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The Minimalist

$160.00 USD Regular price $200.00 USD
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KISS- Keep It Simple, Sproos!

You don’t need all those bells and whistles. After all, you don’t live in your shower...or maybe you do. We’re not here to judge. Either way, a hand shower, sliding rail, and spiffy soap dish make this shower simply something special.


The skinny on this slim shower:

You get a hand shower with three spray functions for three different feels, a pause button to help you save water, and an anti-fingerprint finish that stays looking good.

Your hand shower fits right at home in our lovely little bracket. Or, feel free to move the shower to the slide bar and adjust the height for all those hard-to-reach places.

The Minimalist is simple to install, too. The set comes with everything you need and easy-to-follow online instructions. No trips to the hardware store needed-unless you’d like a plant to go in your shower or something.

Everything installs with our patented glue-mounting technology. The anodized aluminum shower rail installs without any drilling and leaves no trace when you decide to leave!

Product Details and Features

- 3 shower sprays: Monsoon, Jet, and Cloudburst

- A pause button, ideal for washing dogs, children, plants, and... maybe even dishes?

- Premium silicone spray nozzles for easy cleaning

- 1.8-gpm (gallons per minute) flow rate complies with WaterSense and CalGreen standards

- High-quality, flexible, and extra-long shower hose (70 inches!) in a matching color

- Injection-molded matte surface texture that prevents fingerprints and eliminates the toxic chrome-plating process.

- High-grade anodized aluminum used for the 24” shower rail

- Pivotable hand shower bracket

- Handy-dandy wrench for removing existing showerhead

- German engineered adhesive system, made by tesa, allows drill-free installation and removal without leaving a trace - keeps all your shower things where you want them. No drills. No mess. Just easy.

- Height-adjustable soap dish with a slot for a razor

Shipping and Returns

- If you don’t absolutely, positively love your new sproos! shower that’s... perfectly ok! We give you 60 days to try it out and return it if you don’t love it. That’s two months! Math!

- Free economy shipping for U.S. customers. Expedited shipping is available.

- Orders ship within 4 business days.

- Shipping to U.S. customers only.

The Minimalist

$160.00 USD Regular price $200.00 USD

Hit Pause!

Just tap our pause button to bring the waterworks to a trickle. Good for saving water, washing pets, watering plants, or just making sure your roommates hear your killer shower-singing.

3 Amazing Sprays!

Monsoon: Get soaked with a strong, wide-coverage spray.

Cloudburst: The forecast calls for a gentle, light rain-isolated entirely to your shower.

Jet: Like a power-washer for your body.

Slide Bar!

Fun Fact: People come in different sizes! So our slide bar lets you choose the perfect height for a perfect shower experience.

Soap Dish!

Our height-adjustable soap dish has raised ribs and neat little drainage holes to prevent slippage and keep the soap bar fresh and dry. Buddy up your soap with a razor so it’s never lonely!

Does it fit?

Your shower and sproos! were made for each other.

The Minimalist is designed to pair perfectly with any 45-degree shower arm. Not recommended for straight horizontal, or vertical shower arms.

How does the glue work?

Our German-engineered adhesive system, made by tesa, secures the bar to your shower wall. Simply fill each side of the mount with glue and let dry for 12 hours. When you are ready to remove, simply pry the mount off by sliding a putty knife between the glue and wall. Any remaining residue can be scraped off.

Will it fit?

Take a look at the basic dimensions of our shower system. The bar can be mounted in many locations but make sure there is room for your accessories on the left and space for the hand shower slider.