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Ready, Set, Glow!

Say hello to cleaner water and brighter showers with the new sproos! filtered shower.

✔ Powerful, 2-step filtration    ✔ 6 Vibrant colors    ✔ Radiant hair and skin

As seen in

Instant color upgrade to your boring bathroom

I skipped the plumber and upgraded my shower with this kit.

15-minute shower fix: Replace your shower head with this superior sprayer

Tune into Color!

Get ready to splash into color! Our new hand showers in pink, blue, and green are almost here. Pre-order now to be the first to rock these vibrant hues!

$20 Off When You Bundle Up

Save big when you pick one of our popular bundles. Which one are you?

The Minimalist


A hand shower, sliding rail, and spiffy soap dish make this shower simply something special.


        • Hand Shower Kit
        • Slide Bar
        • Soap Dish

Stayin' Connected


Gives you a phone holder so you can stream music and video while the shower streams water.


        • Hand Shower Kit
        • Slide Bar
        • Phone Mount
        • Cup
        • Soap Dish

Lookin' Good


Great for shaving in the shower, sudsing up your face, or watching yourself rocking out in those shampoo locks.


        • Hand Shower Kit
        • Slide Bar
        • Anti-Fog Mirror
        • Cup
        • Shelf

Damage-Free and Deposit-Friendly

Your deposit is safe! The sproos! shower installs without drilling or screwing into your shower wall and uninstalls without damage too. You can even take it to your next place.

Design Your Own Custom Shower

Tons of accessories to customize your own shower experience. Designed with a simple and sleek aesthetic to feel at home in any bathroom. Choose your own setup by starting with The Minimalist and building your own style.

An Amazing Shower Experience

  • 3 shower sprays that make relaxing or washing your hair a breeze.

  • A pause button, ideal for washing dogs, children, plants, and... maybe even dishes?

  • Extra-long and extra flexible hose to clean all corners of your shower or chasing your dog around.

  • Height-adjustable slide bar perfect for days you don't want to get your hair wet.

Real people. Real love.

Unbox Your Way to Happiness

Everything you need is in the box… everything! Our step-by-step installation kit will guide you through the process. Do it yourself, with a little help from sproos!

Our showers are green. Even the yellow ones.

Every sproos! shower aims to clean you without dirtying up the Earth. That's why we never use chrome plating, which contains harmful stuff like Hexavalent Chromium. Because we live on the Earth, and we want to help keep it that way.


Can I bring my sproos! shower with me when I move to a new apartment?

Yes! The sproos! shower system is easy to uninstall without damaging or staining your shower walls. To install the shower in your new home, you can simply order a new sproos! glue-kit and adapter.

Will sproos! help with my water pressure?

Great question! Although no shower can change the pressure of water coming through your pipes, ours is designed to provide powerful sprays, even with low water pressure. Plus, our showers are made with high-grade silicone nozzles, which are easy to keep clean and avoid pressure-reducing mineral buildup.

How does the shower rail attach?

No suction cups here! Our shower rail is attached to the wall using a patented adhesive technology from our friends at tesa, in Germany! Using wall adapters specially designed for sproos!, the shower rail will keep all your toiletries and gadgets secure. When you’re ready to detach the shower rail, the adapters can be removed as easily as they were installed.

How long will the sproos! shower take to install?

Our active installation time is only 30 minutes! After you install the adhesive adapters for the shower rail, they need 12 hours to dry before you can mount the rail and use the shower. But don't worry... with all the tools you need and crystal clear installation instructions, you’ll be sleeping soundly knowing that the perfect shower awaits! 

Does the sproos! shower have water-saving features?

You bet. We developed the sproos! shower to comply with California water standards (as strict as they come!), while still providing the highest performing sprays. Plus, our pause button allows our users to save water by quickly stopping water flow to lather up, scrub down, and move it right along!

Will the sproos! shower work in my bathroom?

The sproos! shower system is designed to work in most bathrooms in the United States. We developed some illustrations to help make sure the system will work for you. Scroll down to the bottom of our product pages to check it out. If you aren’t sure, feel free to reach out to us at and we’ll be happy to help!


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